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A connoisseur of antiquarian art, Woljeon had closed ties with the best judges and collectors. His collection includes calligraphy, paintings, books, seals, ceramics, stationery, and bronze ware.

 Classical Korean Art

서화 (書畵)
Paintings include originals by Grand Prince Anpyeong (Yi Yong), Toegye, Yulgok, and songgang, Sin Ja-ha’s work, Chusa’s calligraphy in the semi-cursive and clerical scripts, Danwon’s A Pair of Pheasants, and Own’s painting of animals. Books include the Collection of Writings by Master Poun, Record on Books, One Hundred Selections of Eight-Letter Phrases, Dictionary of Classical Chinese Rhymes Published by the Royal Archives and Library, and Discourse on Northen Learning. As for seas, they include the official seals of renowned figures from Korean history such as Toegye, Unam, Seokbong, Danwon, Gyeomjae, and Dasan. In particular, the signatures of Chusa, Prince Regent Heungseon (Yi Ha-eung), and Min Yeong-ik are rarities indeed. Ceramic collection includes Goryeo Dynasty celadon, 16th-century buncheong(powder green)ware, and Joseon Dynasty white porcelain. View

 Classical Chinese Art

Paintings include works by Wen Chengming, Wang Shimin’s fan drawings, Weng Fanggang, Ruan Yuan’s calligraphy in the semi-cursive script, and Wu Changshuo’s Lotus. In particular, Jin Nong’s Plum Blossoms was presented to O Gyeong-seok with poems on the painting by renowned Qing figures in the margins, thus shedding light on cultural exchange between contemporary Korea and China. The antiquarian book collection includes classics such as the Collection of Wang Youcheng’s Works, Complete Works of Wu Hou, Collected Poems of Bai Xiangshan, Complete Works of Zheng Banqiao, Feihong Hall Seal Collection, Selected Poems on Paintings from Succeeding Dynasties, Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting, and Comprehensive Interpretation of Old Tang Poetry. Seals include those of notable Chines literati such as Zhao Zhiqizn and Kang Youwei as well as original seal engravings sent to Chusa by renowned Qing Confucian Weng Fanggang and Run Yuntai. Ceramics and stationary include a large Song bowl, a bottle with pomegranate design in underglaze blue, a small white porcelain box with peony design in relief, and a green jade ink stone. View

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